No Other Flower Like Her

Flower like no other....

Flower like no other….

As I was going through my journal this morning, I happened to come across the draft of a letter I wrote to a close family friend who got married a few years back – let me share it with you – and here it goes: “Joey, take good care of her, and love her as much and as long as forever permits. Remember, a woman like her, is like a flower. You may smell her for her scent and admire her for her beauty, but once you pluck her, you will have to make sure that you will nourish her so that she may last long, and stay as fragrant and as beautiful as when you first smelled and plucked her….THERE WILL BE NO OTHER FLOWER LIKE HER….”

….”People get married with the best of intentions and with anticipation of many happy moments together, but should disappointment come, as it inevitably happens in life, remember that with love, there is nothing that you and Tracy cannot survive….because when two people love each other truly, there is no anger that it cannot appease, no need too deep that it cannot satisfy; there is no sin too big that it cannot willingly forego and forgive; no problem, however fearfully gigantic or complicated it is, that it cannot readily understand and resolve… it is the love that you have for each other that will see you through……


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