The Amazing View at the End of the Road…

It’s been almost half a year now since I last posted a write-up on my site….I’ve been terribly busy, as I have put  my time and effort on a new venture, which is something that I have always  wanted, and have dreamed about for so long as I can remember.

On one weekend drive to the countryside with my husband, we happened to pass by a big parcel of idle land. It lies hidden in a tiny town, away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, yet conveniently just about ten miles from the center of a nearby city. Adjacent to this property are acres and acres of rice field and some ranches where cows and water buffalo roam. It faces the east so I immediately reckon that it has the full benefits of the  morning sun; at the back of the property, there is a bubbling brook.  I told my husband, I could make that property into a lovely garden, and he said we could make it as a weekend retreat….and from those wishful thoughts, a lovely  garden, named Little Blue Cottage Garden, a garden shop, and a humble cottage  beautifully emerged.

Here are some photos of my garden shop and weekend retreat…..

The ornamental plants I have ordered just arrived. They are so lovely together, a caucus of greenery under the colorful sky.

I love the yellow-green leaves of this plant called Bottle Brush. They look like they are happy when there is a breeze passing by,  or they look like they are  standing in ovation especially when the sun is out. They can surely make any plant groupings come alive.

This is the plant called Eugenia, and is of one of my favorite plants.  Its leaves are multi-colored, having the awesome colors of autumn, that  seem to shimmer under the sun.

Meet the Red Tea Plant, one of my other  favorites. They are a cheerful bunch and will be happy under the sun.

There are  many varieties of San Francisco plants, but this is what I like the most. It’s got curly and brightly colored leaves. I also like it because of its name – my father’s name is Francisco!

This plant called Pokiante is in a topiary in the form of a jar. It would be nice to put it as an accent in a landscaped garden.

One of the benefits I have in my garden is free water for my plants. A natural bubbling brook runs through my garden.

The glorious sunset at Little Blue Cottage Garden.

We drove through some narrow, winding, and lonesome roads….there were endless acres of rice fields….there were herds of cattle and water buffaloes that at times jolted us as they crossed our paths….I am reminded of that passage from Edward Abbey’s book entitled the Desert Solitaire where he said :”May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous – leading to the most amazing view…” I never would have imagined that on this lazy weekend drive, we would be led to a remote town called Elang, and that this unassuming little town would be the amazing view at the end of the road – not to say the least, that it has one of the most spectacular views of the sunset….I don’t want to say this, lest I sound boastful, but my Little Blue Cottage garden has now become the  added bonus to that “amazing view at the end of the road”!


2 thoughts on “The Amazing View at the End of the Road…

  1. Oh it is so good to see you post again, and what a great project! Last time we spoke you were very sick, and I had recently become worried for you :/ But it is all good and great seeing you make beautiful progress in the world!


  2. I am so, so happy for you Sydney!! I haven’t checked my blog in months and for some reason your name was the first I clicked on – serendipity in action perhaps…this has long been our dream too and we are currently eyeing twenty acres just down the road. Your property is gorgeous…so glad fate guided you and you were smart enough to listen : )

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